Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ehoza: Candid Photo Contest

I'm entering a candid photo contest by Ehoza... pls vote for me....
step 1 click on the photo or the title of this post...
step 2 you will be directed to facebook page where you have to log in
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step 4 like the picture by me AshRaof
step 5 done

thank you for your support

Watch out for flapping wings!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Art in life

If you ask me, I will say that art can be seen everywhere. Whether you can see it with the naked eyes or it has to be shown to you through pictures or expression. well I'll show you the art I saw during my farewell with my officemates. So enjoy the pictures..


See the scent? or smell the scent?

A drop, off the sausage 

Cooked to perfection

Steaming out 


Crown... (bottom right)



Thursday, July 22, 2010

Within the glass window

It was a windy cold Wednesday and i woke up late for class... I was left alone as all were rushing around getting ready for class (they woke up late too). I simply couldn't careless and look around the rush morning of Wednesday and slowly putting back my head on my pillow. It was a nice breezy morning with a little bit of rain dropping to the ground. 15minutes later I'm fully charged, so i woke up and shower etc then few minutes of the internet. And thats when it happens..... I was damn bored... so I took out the 'camera' and saw 'this' to shoot. so here it is....

 This is not gray scale-ed or BnW-ed... I'm just lucky to get this effect..
maybe because of the angle and lighting.


Through the glass window

I was felling bored and started to get myself a grip on the camera. "Theres no subject to shoot!" I thought. Looking outside theres a bug or a bee or whatever you called it, flying around getting something from the flowers. "Theres my subject!" says myself and starts shooting. These pictures will tell the rest of the story... Enjoy.....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby Bukhari

Bukhari a.k.a bob, buq, botak..... haa watever la.... enjoy...

Aperture Mode

I was assign to take picture of a site for an event by my boss during my internship, when this happens.... During the empty site shooting I felt like playing with the aperture for a while. Although the lens I'm using wont go till f1.8, I'm still determine to get a great bokeh effect. enjoy...

Look closely U'll see a plane