Thursday, July 22, 2010

Within the glass window

It was a windy cold Wednesday and i woke up late for class... I was left alone as all were rushing around getting ready for class (they woke up late too). I simply couldn't careless and look around the rush morning of Wednesday and slowly putting back my head on my pillow. It was a nice breezy morning with a little bit of rain dropping to the ground. 15minutes later I'm fully charged, so i woke up and shower etc then few minutes of the internet. And thats when it happens..... I was damn bored... so I took out the 'camera' and saw 'this' to shoot. so here it is....

 This is not gray scale-ed or BnW-ed... I'm just lucky to get this effect..
maybe because of the angle and lighting.



  1. gune Tamron AF18-200mm Macro... hehe

  2. ouhhhh~
    bile la sy nk merasa macro nih :)

  3. xpe slow2... hmm pki slr pe??? tp tamron ni xde VR or IS...payah sket la... lau tamron 18-270 ade IS or VR...