Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My first wedding picture

This is my first attempt at snapping wedding pictures (credit to Awang Buncit for lending me his Canon EOS 1000D). The wedding has the theme of green in color and the couple has a similar name, Hafiz & Hafizah (cute isn't it?)

The bride waiting for her groom to arrive

The groom arrive in style and a big smile on his face

Look at the happy moments

Lovely couple

So hot? Not enough with the fan the best man even blows to the groom =p

A green three level cake matching their theme color

monitor calibration

Calibrating your monitor allows you to have a true color in your picture. In order to identify whether your picture is under exposure or over exposure to the extend of every single bit you should calibrate your monitor. This will allow you to portrait a quality picture. For more info please click on the picture above or you could just Google "calibrate monitor" for more detail procedure. It will only take a few minutes to calibrate your monitor. Hope this will help.

The ugly truth

When it comes to life we tend to only see what shown to us. Well thats not the reality, some things are covered up so that it looks good or nice for others to see, some are hidden and some are simply there but we couldn't even bothered to see it or even to busy to notice it. here are an illustration to give you a picture of what life is.

The beautiful

Beauty is only a skin deep

The beautiful will eventually die

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome to FotoFreak

FotoFreak is a photo blog created to share and to welcome any comments regarding photos produce by Ash Raof (me), and hoping to learn more on photography skills and techniques. I'm currently using a Nikon D60 kit lens. Any info regarding photography are most welcome.