Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The ugly truth

When it comes to life we tend to only see what shown to us. Well thats not the reality, some things are covered up so that it looks good or nice for others to see, some are hidden and some are simply there but we couldn't even bothered to see it or even to busy to notice it. here are an illustration to give you a picture of what life is.

The beautiful

Beauty is only a skin deep

The beautiful will eventually die


  1. This is my ‘how many’ attempts to share my views on this topic.
    Really like the pictures but I will agree with you that they do not reflect the true beauty. It is always difficult to judge correctly things around us as the inner truth is hard to judge. Words, appearances and relationships often mislead us to the ugly side of life. Nevertheless, experiences of life should hopefully help us learn and make the correct judgements.

  2. its true. experience is a teacher for us.

  3. the roses look sooo flashy!

    nice job man!