Friday, February 26, 2010

My 1st Outing With SLR Members

This is the day i remembered as my first outing. Well first outing with other SLR members that is. I, myself don't have a SLR yet at this time, so I borrowed it from Awang Buncit. It was a Canon EOS 1000d and thats the SLR that made me wanted to owned one so badly. I've always wanted one long ago but it seem so hard to be fulfill and so much expensive than my first camera (digital compact). Never the less, this outing made ponder on how nice it is to have my own instead of borrowing it from others and having that itchy feeling "what if something goes wrong with it" so that pondering put me to the path of me saving-up my money to get my own SLR. I owned my own Nikon D60 and can't seem to have enough from it, i.e. I want another one. =)
Back to the outing, there were around 8 "photographer" including SLR, Digital Compact and Lomo. Yet we only have 2 models to fulfill our shooting for the day. That was not a problem as a creative or an artistic photographer will not only shoot on what he/she is provided with but with pretty much everything the saw. The journey started with a train ride to Masjid Jamek....

He wanted to get himself in the picture too before he start shooting on others

A sneak view of Masjid Jamek

Don't remember what building is this, but is sure is high

We then walked our way to Central Market for our next shooting point

"Awak tak perasan kita sebab awak perasan awak cantik"

I'm confuse on who is actually posing here

More walking to Dataran Merdeka

Caught up with an Indie Band of which I don't know whom

"Bangunan Luk Yu"

Found a nice shaded place to "point & shoot"

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad

A motor show held at Dataran Merdeka

Purplish car and owner

Boy poses in front of a modified Gen-2

Real classic, our Jalur Gemilang's reflection stand tall on this car hood's

A swift with a drift

Falling waters

Bursting waters


Street lamps with the National flower on it

Proudly standing tall KLCC Tower

Path to more thrilling adventure......

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lights of KL

Most people would not have a picture of what the night lights looks like in their mind. Probably because the are too busy with their beauty sleeps, lingering around and wasting time, too lazy to picture it or simply haven't crossed their mind. Well for those people I would like to share a night view of Kuala Lumpur from a look-up point in Ampang. It's a bright and colorful view that those people has missed out on. Its a shame I don't have a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens that might elaborate more on the details if it is used in these shots.

A comparison on focus point choice

Fireworks on the move

Loved the lighting effects of car lights on bottom left

Tilted angle varies from the normal vertical or horizontal shot

Lata Iskandar

A visit or a holiday just would't be complete without having a splash or even a simple soak to our feet. Its not only fun but relaxing, easing those muscles after a long walk or drive. So, in this issue I will share about Hutan Lipur Lata Iskandar which is located along side the road to Caremon Highlands. Lata Iskandar is a natural waterfall within well preserve forest. The view are so amazing, that if you pass along it you will stop no matter what, just to gazed on the beauty of nature. If you are on your way up to Cameron Highlands don't forget to stop by Lata Iskandar for a simple feet soaking or a plunge in the cold water, while setting your eyes to the scenic view.

A carved wooden welcome sign offers a natural feel

A pigeon flies by in style

View from across the road

A closer view of the waterfall

The starting point of the fall is way high up there

The beauty of waterfall

A close up shot extracting the texture

Billions of bubbles created at the end of the fall

An overview of Lata Iskandar

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cameron Valley Tea House

Cameron continued. Apart from fruits and veggies, we can also find lots of tea planted in Cameron Highlands. The all and famous tea can be tasted here freshly brew from fresh tea leaves picked on a daily basis. It would be a great evening having tea here with a picturesque scenery to be gazed upon, but an evening tea would not be complete without having some snacks to chew on. Well at Cameron Valley Tea House you can get snacks like pastry puff, muffin, and best of all are its scones.

Look out for this Tea House when u visit Cameron Highlands

A scenic view from inside the Tea House

Theres also a mini garden with various kind and color of flowers

A bold red colored flower

A soothing lavendish colored flower

Tourists poses among side the tea plant

Photography Tips: Choosing your focus point
Look closely in these 2 pictures to see the difference in focus points
Picture 1: Focus point is at the boy
Picture 2: Focus point is at the leaves

A close-up view and a long range view of the tea plant

Photography Tips: macro effect
Shoot a macro for detailed texture of an object

A field full of tea plants

Photography Tips: Auto focus/manual focus
To get this blurry effect switch to manual focus and control your focus manually

A view of one of the hotels in Cameron Highlands