Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lata Iskandar

A visit or a holiday just would't be complete without having a splash or even a simple soak to our feet. Its not only fun but relaxing, easing those muscles after a long walk or drive. So, in this issue I will share about Hutan Lipur Lata Iskandar which is located along side the road to Caremon Highlands. Lata Iskandar is a natural waterfall within well preserve forest. The view are so amazing, that if you pass along it you will stop no matter what, just to gazed on the beauty of nature. If you are on your way up to Cameron Highlands don't forget to stop by Lata Iskandar for a simple feet soaking or a plunge in the cold water, while setting your eyes to the scenic view.

A carved wooden welcome sign offers a natural feel

A pigeon flies by in style

View from across the road

A closer view of the waterfall

The starting point of the fall is way high up there

The beauty of waterfall

A close up shot extracting the texture

Billions of bubbles created at the end of the fall

An overview of Lata Iskandar

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