Monday, February 22, 2010

Cameron Valley Tea House

Cameron continued. Apart from fruits and veggies, we can also find lots of tea planted in Cameron Highlands. The all and famous tea can be tasted here freshly brew from fresh tea leaves picked on a daily basis. It would be a great evening having tea here with a picturesque scenery to be gazed upon, but an evening tea would not be complete without having some snacks to chew on. Well at Cameron Valley Tea House you can get snacks like pastry puff, muffin, and best of all are its scones.

Look out for this Tea House when u visit Cameron Highlands

A scenic view from inside the Tea House

Theres also a mini garden with various kind and color of flowers

A bold red colored flower

A soothing lavendish colored flower

Tourists poses among side the tea plant

Photography Tips: Choosing your focus point
Look closely in these 2 pictures to see the difference in focus points
Picture 1: Focus point is at the boy
Picture 2: Focus point is at the leaves

A close-up view and a long range view of the tea plant

Photography Tips: macro effect
Shoot a macro for detailed texture of an object

A field full of tea plants

Photography Tips: Auto focus/manual focus
To get this blurry effect switch to manual focus and control your focus manually

A view of one of the hotels in Cameron Highlands

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