Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Raya Preparation.

When it comes to raya everyone will start to think of the many delicious dishes related to raya. Although, when its not raya we also ate those dishes, it is still very much different when it comes to raya. Why is that so? Well, probably because when it comes to raya we (families) all gather round as a whole and do the cooking together along with a small chit chat and a lil bit of gossiping too. hehe =p

Nasi himpit as an alternative to ketupat...

Kuah kacang is a must when there is nasi himpit.

Caution! its boiling hot.

Whats raya without rendang, rite?

Rendang ayam...

Raya cookies and snacks.


Lets learn how to make ketupat...

Who says i dont know how to make ketupat. =p

Beautiful aren't they?

Filling it up...

The end product... Letting it cool off...

Lights... Check!

The torch is lit.

Surrounded by darkness...

An old school lamp.


  1. btol ke u tau anyam ketupat ni shakir?? =p
    very nice pics..
    err..comment dr org yg xbape tau art..haha
    tp..seyesly awesome..
    lapa r rase tgk pics u..hehe

  2. kompem la tau wat.... half of that was my art work ok.... my hand did all d anyam2 thingy.... huhu...
    would't say its an awesome pic but im still practicing.... still jealous with people who have macro, telefoto lens plus those who have speedlite...

  3. weyh bro... i cam d tee dat ur wearg ms anyam ketupat. its giordanos~ btw, u reti anyam ketupat katak, sate o wat?

  4. uiks dont say it loud la... sogan den...
    nth men buat je... ce tgk gmbo tu ktupat apakkah itu?