Monday, February 22, 2010

Cameron Highlands

In today's Visit Malaysia section I want to share about Cameron Highlands. Well as many of us know, Cameron Highlands are located high up above sea level. Therefore the the climate there would be cold and damp. Although some may not like the damp and cold weather, there is actually a positive side to it in agricultural perspective. Many of the fruits and vegetables grown here will not survive without the cold and damp weather. Here are some pictures to be shared to all reader's out there.

Some of the veggies grown here.

The pots are lined up in straight for easy access.


Still in progress of ripping before it can be eaten.

A gnome guarding the fruit farm.

Watch out for that cactus thorns.

Caution! This is not a grape. DO NOT EAT!

This plant leaves actually look like a flower.

The red eyes shows thats he's hungry. Hehe =p

The Ingredient for dinner.

Fish fillet and squid.

Steamboat for dinner.

The hotel package includes a buffet steamboat for dinner.

It's ready... Let's dig in...

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