Friday, February 26, 2010

My 1st Outing With SLR Members

This is the day i remembered as my first outing. Well first outing with other SLR members that is. I, myself don't have a SLR yet at this time, so I borrowed it from Awang Buncit. It was a Canon EOS 1000d and thats the SLR that made me wanted to owned one so badly. I've always wanted one long ago but it seem so hard to be fulfill and so much expensive than my first camera (digital compact). Never the less, this outing made ponder on how nice it is to have my own instead of borrowing it from others and having that itchy feeling "what if something goes wrong with it" so that pondering put me to the path of me saving-up my money to get my own SLR. I owned my own Nikon D60 and can't seem to have enough from it, i.e. I want another one. =)
Back to the outing, there were around 8 "photographer" including SLR, Digital Compact and Lomo. Yet we only have 2 models to fulfill our shooting for the day. That was not a problem as a creative or an artistic photographer will not only shoot on what he/she is provided with but with pretty much everything the saw. The journey started with a train ride to Masjid Jamek....

He wanted to get himself in the picture too before he start shooting on others

A sneak view of Masjid Jamek

Don't remember what building is this, but is sure is high

We then walked our way to Central Market for our next shooting point

"Awak tak perasan kita sebab awak perasan awak cantik"

I'm confuse on who is actually posing here

More walking to Dataran Merdeka

Caught up with an Indie Band of which I don't know whom

"Bangunan Luk Yu"

Found a nice shaded place to "point & shoot"

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad

A motor show held at Dataran Merdeka

Purplish car and owner

Boy poses in front of a modified Gen-2

Real classic, our Jalur Gemilang's reflection stand tall on this car hood's

A swift with a drift

Falling waters

Bursting waters


Street lamps with the National flower on it

Proudly standing tall KLCC Tower

Path to more thrilling adventure......


  1. Keep up with the good photography work. Hope you will succeed in being a professional photographer. I enjoyed the captions that came along with the photos.

  2. do i knw u??? nice to know theres someone who really follow this blog and leave a comment... thanx.... luv to hear more voices from those who visit my blog.....